The Biovoices project is organizing the workshop “The hard way to the market: how to support start-ups and spin-offs in the bio-based sector?” (30th September 2020, 10.00-12.00 CEST) as a satellite event of the IFIB2020 Conference.  

The speakers involved, representing different stakeholders (investors, primary producers, clusters, innovation management, etc.), will discuss about the needs and challenges of start-ups and spin-offs of the bio-based sector in crossing the “Valley of Death”.  

Thanks to the active involvement of the audience during the workshop, providing its thoughts and opinions through the use of smartphones, the workshop aims to define possible solutions and actions to implement, that will be summed up in a policy brief to be presented by Biovoices to the European Commision and stakeholders of the sector. 

Information, agenda and registration are available at the following link:   

To attend the event on 30th September, please, use this link: